In The Morning Sunrise…

…We behold your glory..all creation sings your majesty and praise!

Which is so true…all creation does sing His Majesty and Praise. Whenever I’m out shooting at sunrise, seeing all the beauty sunrise brings..all those little things that make us want to praise Him!

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty The King of creation

O my soul, praise Him
For He is thy health and salvation

All ye who hear, now to His temple draw near

Praise Him in glad adoration

Praise to the Lord

Who o’er all things so wonderfully reigneth

Shelters thee under His wings

Yea, so gladly sustaineth

Hast thou not seen how thy desires e’er have been
Granted in what He ordaineth

Praise to the Lord

Who doth prosper they work and defend thee

Surely His goodness and mercy here daily attend thee

Ponder anew what the Almighty can do

If with His love He befriend thee

Praise to the Lord,

 O let all that is in me adore Him

All that hath life and breath

Come now with praises before Him

Let the ‘amen’ sound from His people again

Gladly for aye we adore Him

Note to self: next time……..wear gloves! ;)



Been wanting to do this for awhile, and after seeing someone else’s snowflake pictures, I was inspired :)

Aren’t snowflakes so Ah-maz-ing?  So detailed and delicate! 

Personally my favorite! 

You should try it too, I’d be super happy to see your’s :) Take a black mitten, dip it in snow and shoot away! Make sure your camera is on Macro mode!!



The Nellans Photo Shoot

I took these pictures back in December…so this is a little late ;)

But I think you’ll still enjoy the pictures!

I love the silhouettes!

Boden wasn’t to happy about being out in the cold….

So we gave him one of his little snacks to keep him happy :) He’s such a cutie!


Looking all grown up!

Sweet little Campbell

Benton ( love his smile in this one!)

So ccoolldd! But I absolutely love this one


It may have been cold…but we had a lot of fun :)


Photo-A-Day Challenge

Last week of photo-a-day challenge.

23. Green

24. Late night..ok, it wasn’t that late ;)

25. Joy

Lol, I obviously  didn’t take this pic. but it sure does describe my joy that moment …

…when I got this little guy :D

26. Mess

27. Blessings

28. Weather

29. Snowflake

Oh these were so fun to do!

30. A book your reading

31. Fun

Yet another pic. I didn’t take. I was busy setting off car alarms for new years eve ;)

Happy New Year everybody!!!