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The Nellans Photo Shoot

I took these pictures back in December…so this is a little late 😉

But I think you’ll still enjoy the pictures!

I love the silhouettes!

Boden wasn’t to happy about being out in the cold….

So we gave him one of his little snacks to keep him happy 🙂 He’s such a cutie!


Looking all grown up!

Sweet little Campbell

Benton ( love his smile in this one!)

So ccoolldd! But I absolutely love this one


It may have been cold…but we had a lot of fun 🙂


photo shoot part 2


We cut across the field to the train tracks…that was so fun, but rather nerve racking trying to take pictures plus listen for train whistles.



We joked that we should have photoshopped a train in the background 😉

Our barn 

Which picture was your favorite?



photo shoot part 1

Lately I’ve been learning a lot about photography…which led to wanting to do a photo shoot. Bekah and Charissa volunteered to be my models!


Having a tad bit of fun! 

I found a few bricks scattered in such a way I had to shoot it 🙂 

Love the red and rust….

Have a super day!