Ever been in a ‘rut’ with photography? It’s NOT fun!! But it is a tad nice cause it forces you to try new things, learn new things etc.

That’s where I’ve been lately, and sometimes I don’t like to go out and shoot. I just don’t feel the creativity right then. But I force myself to!

Looking through a filter for this pic. Framing the flower. Love how it turned out! 🙂
Through the filter



These next two were pretty awesome to do! I call it turn-around-macro. It’s where you take the lens off, turn it around and take the pic. It’s really tricky, And since the lens ins’t attached, you can pull it away from the camera body just a tad and get some cool sun flare 🙂 (Hence the pink hues)
Pink hues

Another Turn-around-macroTurn around macro



5 thoughts on “Turn-Around-Macro

  1. Kierin

    Hey Anna,
    As always your pictures are amazing! Makes me want to go take more pictures. 🙂
    Okay… so a quick question, I have a Canon Rebel XTi (I think i am saying the right thing) and I tried the “turn around macro”. I just took off the lens, turned it around put it up to the camera and tried to take a picture. It was just a total blur, no definition. I could be doing it totally wrong or not have the right camera. 🙂 Any advice would be great! Hope i made sense. 🙂 Thanks –Kierin


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