Photo-A-Day Week 3

Week 3 already? wowzers! Time flies.

16. Boots..Oh, I loves these boots!

17. Wrapped

18. Tradition.

Every Christmas we read this book as apart of advent!

19. Number 19

20. Words

21. Family

22. Stocking

Be looking for a few new post’s really soon! I’ve got a couple coming! 🙂

Have a very Merry Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day Week 3

  1. Mary (your favorite person in the whole wide universe)

    Hey Anna deary,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your challenge pictures, they are awesome, I’ve been checking your other posts I just havent taken the time to comment (sorry!) but you are like one of the most amazing photographers ever! Oh and sorry I didn’t do you challenge, I didn’t realize you made it :).
    And thank you for commenting on my blog, I greatly appreciate it :)!
    Love ya friend!
    Mary Elizabeth <3

    1. Anna Post author

      Oh goodness, it’s totally fine 🙂 Thank you so much friend..I know..comments always keep me going 🙂 Ur comment made my day LOTS happier (it was already happy, but you made it even better!:) love ya too!


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