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ll Kristen ll


I so love this girl’s zeal for life and her Creator! Love your contagious smile,  all those good super deep talks we’ve had over time, and the sweet/ funny friendship we’ve shared!

This whole photo shoot was beautiful. The light, the horse, the girl. The only time I can think of it not being beautiful, was when I accidentally sat in horse poop trying to get a picture. ew. ; )




I love how this so captures both personalities!


ll Emme ll Senior Photographer

When you get a text on Saturday saying “what are you doing Monday? And do you want to take my senior pictures?”

It was quite a spontaneous shoot really, stopping by the side of the road to catch the golden peak of sunrise, then on to the next destination.

The light that day was absolutely perfect, and getting to watch the world wake up is truly one of my favorite things!






Emme is such a beautiful person inside, and out! Her love for Christ spills out with joy in her beautiful smile!