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After The Storm

I love that there is always beauty. Even if it doesn’t seem like it. Even if it is in the storm. Always, there is some amount of beauty, and I was reminded of that this morning after the storm last night.

The sun coming up through the clouds in the quietness of this morning, slowly warming up the world and making the entire place sparkle from the light hitting millions of water droplets.

I am also reminded of His goodness. Of His kindness. It’s not often we reflect on His nature and who Jesus really is at the heart, and I love those moments that His goodness is reflected in his creation.



Isn’t this world beautiful? When we really look…it’s full of beauty^_^

ll Senior Portraits-Alaina Kemerly ll

I am just now getting around to posting Alaina’s Senior pictures we took in the beginning of Fall 2017.

It was definitely a little out of my comfort zone because I am not used to shooting in such low light, or with that many darker colors, but I love how they turned out.

Alaina is all around, a really happy/joyful person that always keeps you laughing at the simplest things! Her love and spark for life shows through her smile, her eyes.






I love Senior Pictures…a closing of one part of life and on to the next adventure, and getting to be apart of capturing that moment in Senior’s lives is so beautiful to me.

It was a pleasure working with you friend! Even if we did laugh more than anything else!!


ll New Life ll Baby Photographer

This is going to pretty much be a ‘hardly any words’ post. Just because I’m at a loss of what to say. These pictures speak for themselves.

Sheer joy, delicate yet strong life, beautiful, miracle and so much love.


Absolutely loved getting to photograph my friend’s 2 week old, Carolynn Rose. Isn’t she precious?!









“Certainly you made my mind and heart; you wove me together in my mother’s womb.”

Psalm 139:13


‘Thank You’

How do I say thank you Lord



For the life that You gave, the cross that You bore



For the love you poured out, to ransom my soul



My heart pours out, this thankful song!



Lyrics from “Thank You” by Bethel Music

Senior Session ll Susanna

Weekend autumn photo shoots that include cool colored doors, brick walls and exploring the woods is always so much fun! And what makes it even more amazing is when you have a gorgeous friend to do it with 🙂

Sue, You are such a genuine friend, and seriously so much fun to be with!!! 🙂

Gah! This pink door was totally the bomb, and ONE of my many, many favorites!!


I’m surprising myself by actually sitting down to write a blog post!!

Recently..and by recently I mean late July, I got my self a birthday present…It’s been one of my favorites ^_^ Yup, my new baby!! It’s a prime lens, meaning it doesn’t zoom.

55mm Prime lens



So maybe your wondering what kind of pictures does this thing take? Here ya go!






Queen Anns lace


Golden hour



I totally love it’s range of focus, how it brings the colors out, and yeah..can I just say I might be in love? ^_^

Macro Snowflake Tutorial

So I did a tutorial on how I take my snowflake pictures over on our ‘sister blog’, but figured I should post it on my photography blog too 😉 so I’m here to attempt one! It started snowing this afternoon, it was fluffy, then turned into sleet :/ but I did get a few pictures.

First off, I shoot in Manual mode, with my macro lens set to manual mode so I can control the focus. Most times, you will want to use a tripod, I’m not one for extra equipment and bulk, so I rarely use my tripod. I like to find things in nature to stabilize my camera. Of course, if it’s in a really low light situation, I get the tripod out!


Then, using a dark sock hat, I either catch the snowflakes, or dip it in the snow:)



After studying which flake I should shoot, get my settings how I like them, then shoot 🙂



Let me give you a run through on settings 🙂

 White balance:

This controls the temperature of the picture, weather you want to catch the warmth of that ‘yellowish’ sunny day, or the cold ‘blue’ of a winter day.


The speed or light-sensitivity of a digital camera’s sensor is rated in ISOnumbers — the lower the number, the slower the response to light. Higher ISO numbers indicate a higher sensitivity to light, so less time is needed to expose a picture.

But if you get too high of a ISO, you introduce ‘camera noise’ into the picture. (noise, meaning grainy)

Shutter speed:

Controls the amount of time the shutter is open taking the light in.

Aperture, or F stop:

Controls how much light the camera lets into the sensor

Haha, okay, you probably didn’t think you were going to get a photography lesson 😉 But if your beginning on your DLSR, I would recommend using P (Program) mode, it sets the shutter speed for you, allowing you to adjust a few settings on your own.

So with that said, I’ll show you a couple pictures and their settings.

 White Balance- today was a cloudy day so I chose: Shutter speed-1/200, F stop-5.0, ISO- 1600



This one is the same except for the F stop, it was 6.3, but in this picture, you can see I had a rather high ISO, which is why the background is rather grainy and not smooth like the next picture.



This one has a smooth background because the ISO is lower.



And, if that didn’t make any sense whatsoever, feel free to comment and ask any question you want, and I’ll see what I can do to answer you 🙂 !!!

But most of all, don’t stress. Have fun! And really, no photographer, (professional or amateur, ) always gets it perfectly right!

Nellans Family Portrait

A couple weeks ago I got to photograph this awesome family! The weather was perfect! Sunshine, gorgeous fall leaves! DSC02426_bw





I love Bodens shadow on this one 🙂




To much adorableness 😉





















Marc and MandyDSC03564